WINTER HOURS: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades
Available Space: 4
PRICE: from $76.00
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SATURDAY-SUNDAY: ADDITIONAL SURCHARGE $10.00 per person will apply.
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SATURDAY-SUNDAY: ADDITIONAL SURCHARGE $10.00 per person will apply.

Cruise highlight

This tour includes everything from Santa Monica Bay Tour and extends it in several ways! Sand and ocean front remain the center of the action. You will see various coast panoramas of the city, feel the lifestyle on the bay and hear many stories. At Venice Beach, we will exit Marvin Braude Bike Path and ride on city streets to witness other sights up close. At last we will stroll to and then through Venice Canal community to Venice fishing pier. Get ready to enjoy Jewelry of the Pacific and find out what this area was a witness of. Tour is designed to explore the area and its connection to Hollywood Entertainment Capital.


  • Training session
  • Helmet
  • Radio unit
  • Fully guided tour in english
  • Complimentary water


Will Rogers State Beach (Entrance at crossing of Pacific Coast Hwy and Temescal Canyon)

Navigate to this address: 15700 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 (enter Parking Lot 3)

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  • Cruise overview

    Our tour begins with a mandatory workshop at Will Rogers State Beach. We will practice for riding drills to achieve good feel and comfort to stay upright on self-balance transporters. Training may be extensive and depends on a number of riders, and their abilities to handle cruisers. After, we go on a tour and conquer Pacific Ocean front.

    Up to Venice Beach we will have a smooth ride over a Strand, along the largest Santa Monica Beach. Get ready to enter the city boundaries and encounter motorists, after all we must check other points of interest. Leading guide will fulfill your imagination with flattering stories and depending on coast atmosphere we may catch a mood of the that day. You never know what is going on on a beach.

    We will make a stop at Venice Recreation Center to check out Skateboarders’ tricks in a concrete pool. After passing hip and somewhat shocking Venice boardwalk, we will eyeball Venice Muscle Beach Gym and navigate our way to a quiet and nice Venice Canal neighborhood. Hidden community with interesting past and famous present.

    At the end of the tour the participants are welcome to stay at the City of Venice. PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION ACCORDINGLY! THIS IS A ONE WAY CRUISE.

    Upon request we can transfer customers back to Temescal Canyon.


    • Will Rogers State Beach
    • Pacific Palisades Lot
    • Rustic Creek
    • Annenberg Community Beach House
    • Scenic Beach Point
    • Santa Monica Pier
    • Pacific Amusement Park and unique Ferris wheel
    • Former Santa Monica Muscle Beach
    • Dogtown
    • Venice boardwalk
    • Ballerina Clown
    • Binocular building
    • Venice Skateboard Pool
    • Venice Muscle Beach
    • Venice Canal Community from inside
    • Venice Fishing Pier