ECO TOURS and RENTALS (sales will be available soon) by eTWORIDE. We  conduct our tours on self-balance electric transporters eTWO(s) or as known in DMV – personal electric mobility device PEMD, people may call these transporters Segway(s)®. This is the way of most entertaining, informative and intimate tours is Los Angeles.

We believe that our cool looking  self-balance transporters are good addition for tourists who needs to maneuver around quickly. There are three benefits in these kind of tours: physical activity, always fun and open air. We handle a group consisting of 5 people. Please check Transfer Service page for more details on how to obtain affordable round transfers from three assigned locations, and how to request a transfer from a different location.


Come, explore with us: Beverly Hills City, Santa Monica Bay, Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey. Tours are available daily at assigned time and fully radio guided. Where else you can get up close and personal with the great sites, experience fun activity, enjoy the fresh air, and take pictures. We work on adding extra tours around the area, with interesting itineraries and safe pathways.


eTWORIDE Business and Pleasure Rentals are available today!

Rent and ride E-transporter independently at Santa Monica Bay on Weekends. Please check Rentals page for more information.

Both tours and rentals offer:

  • Quick turn around if you don't have much time.
  • Complimentary workshop will be held, before the tour or rental, to teach you how to control and ride eTWO safely.
  • If you are on a tour, leading cruise guide will make sure your time is well spent with us!

As soon as eTWO(s) will be available for sale, we will be offering new services for the clients.