General information

  • What is eTWO transporter?

    eTWO transporter is Segway®-like heavy duty electric transportation device designed for one person weighing from 80 lbs to 235 lbs. It features two parallel wheels, doesn't have gas and brake pedals. Vehicle weighs around 145 lbs (65 kg). In a perfect condition it may reach top speed 12 miles per hour (about 19 kilometers per hour). It is fully electric, and electronically balanced. Rider's body weight distribution is a source that makes a transporter go.
  • Is eTWO for everyone?

    Answer is NO. 1) It is not for people with bad back and/or legs. 2) It is not for Pregnant women. 3) It is not for people who can't stand upright for continued period of time. 4) It is not for people who are not able to sense and/or control their body center of the gravity. Transporter's technology is designed to keep a rider upright. New riders who understand the idea, still may experience discomfort while riding the E-transporter, and may require extensive training.
  • Can a rider fall?

    Answer is YES. Common mistakes which may result in falling are: 1) applying too much of body weight by leaning extensively or forcefully while ignoring ALARM; 2) rough or sudden turns while riding. 3) impacting a transporter with objects which may cause a rider to perform uncontrollable abrupt body shifting. 4) riding recklessly in areas such as: mud, rocky surface and deep sand.
  • Do you withhold deposit at the time of rental?

    Answer is Yes. We will withhold $200.00 on your credit card. It means those money won't be available to you on your Credit or Debit card. At the end of rental term we will release deposit hold back to your card and remain assigned rental charge.
  • What is booking cut off time?

    Cut off time is 15 -16 hours applied to 9:00 am tour via online bookings. All other scheduled times have 3-hour cut off window. If you need immediate service, call customer service (323) 405-7615 during Company business hours.
  • Can I ride under alchohol or drug influence

    NO ABSOLUTELY! eTWORIDE CO has a strict policy against alcohol and drug consumption. Any rider suspected of drinking or using drugs before or during a tour will immediately forfeit their tour and no refund will be given.